What is important?

Do you really know what is important in life? Life itself? Beloved Ones? Health? Wealth? Knowledge? Vanity? Self? The body itself (as Schopenhauer once [indirectly] said)? What about career (of course, a successful one [joking])?

What if … some ‘futile’ detail is, in fact, something of paramount importance to you? I couldn’t, unfortunately, explain to you exactly what I’m thinking. I have the image, but I am not able to convey it in language (at least, not easily).

Ok, that doesn’t make sense. After all, if I have a blog, it is because I think I should materialize my ideas in this tiny post, right?

Well, yes. So, here you go: to grasp what is really important, you, paradoxically, has to go beyond your own [fantastic] self. Yes, the self is pure (necessary) illusion: time within brackets. It appears to me that the only thing that really matters is the “body” [by contrast to self-as-an-imaginary-instance] and, by consequence, the ‘here-and-now’.

Yeap. Whenever we, by means of your ‘mind’ (its power), transcend the actual life we’re having, then we are losing ground, and reaching, so to speak, the helm of the imaginary, the domain of what should be important (or should have been important [as fantasy]).

Two days ago my oldest dog had a collapse. I thought she had passed away. At that very moment, I had no ideas or images in my mind, only her (supposedly) dead body. At that exact moment, that body was the only thing really important, material, to me. Everything else, all the illusions of my self, were sent to the back of my mind. All of the sudden, they stop tormenting me. Do you see? The “événement” – something like “the event”. It took my breath away. The self, in that particular, singular and irreversible moment, was nothing. Three or so minutes later, my dog “came back to life”. I had no idea she was having ‘only’ a collapse (she has an early heart failure insufficiency), and not going to die. Then, life went back to its track, but this episode led me to think about what is important in life…