Out of window

Spring is coming here in Denmark. I prefer to say ‘coming’ because, although we are ‘officially’ in spring times, I’m not really sure if the weather actually reflects that! Anyway, what strikes me the most is overlooking out of my (tiny) window the pale buildings nearby, with its colorful roofs (red, blue, black…). I’ve just taken a shot, and I’d like sharing it with you.

As you can see, there is an urban-nature ‘fusion’ between the bright blue sky (I love this soothing ‘blue’ – and, obviously, I get excited when the sun comes out here) and the colorful house’s roofs. I don’t know, but I guess there is something different with the brightness here. Everything, when we have a sunny day, seems to reflect this remarkably electric blue.

The blue has a strong impact on my mood, I must say. Somehow, it remembers me the blue of the Ocean. Whenever I go to the beach, this is the same feature that catches my eyes – the “blueness”. The only striking difference is the intensity of the brightness, I reckon. In Brazil, especially in the region where I live (Northeast), the sun is merciless intense. As a result, we normally have a scorching weather. Here in DK, on the contrary, at the same time that we can appreciate the “blueness”, the weather is ‘milder’ when compared to Brazil (actually, maybe I’m making a rough mistake here…call Danish weather ‘mild’).

Well, just in case, here a picture that I found on the internet – it is a beach located in the region where I live there in Brazil (Rio Grande do Norte, south coast). The blue, of course, is also there…but, in this case, there is no city-nature fusion, as here where I’m now, but rather a fusion of three natural elements: the (blue) sky, the blue-green of the ocean (Atlantic, in this case), and the ” beige” of the sand (not to mention the people in the water). This is an ‘artistic’ photo, of course. But I have to admit that, in natura, the place is even more incredible.

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