“Between the Clock and the Bed”

Like the insurrection of rock and roll against show tunes and sugary popular music, Munch’s touchstone images came to satisfy a yen for something grittier and more urgently engaging than the formalism, based in Impressionism and Cubism, that was upheld by art historians at the time. His sensibility suited a generation convinced that it had invented sex, in the sixties, and the pleasures and panics of narcissism, in the seventies. “Between the Clock and the Bed” coincides neatly with the impending boomer discovery of death. (We will then mercifully get off the world’s nerves.)

[The New Yorker]

El roto


A snowing day here. I heard this year the winter will be the worse in 100 years in Europe. Well, I have no idea about this time last year, but I think it’s a little unusual snowing just in the beginning of the fall. Maybe this is expected or normal, but, to me at least, it’s a sign of what lies ahead…





A modest street view (taken while I was walking)





Campo de trigo com corvos (1890),V. Van Gogh.


Grande pintor, Pawel Kuczynski.

pawel-kuczynky-1 (1)


Vem aí…

E a família vai ficar maior. Um grande passo para nós, que acabamos de perder uma de nossas cachorras. O grande passo é porque haverá uma importante mudança de “conceito”, digamos assim…Alguém saberia de que estou falando? Olhando as fotos abaixo? A segunda foto, inclusive, é famosa (Eli and David, por Lucien Freud).

Aumentando a diversificação pelas raças, cores, comportamentos…são uma beleza! A nossa está a caminho…

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